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*Release Date 09.27.18

Once fierce enemies in the Ruling Realm, the divine love between Asira and Bensai sets them on a new path to fulfill their destiny. Living on Earth as Deborah and Ben Stewart, theirs is a world of fortune and bliss. Ben is a consummate English businessman and Deborah, a highly skilled American archivist and researcher. Together they are the stunning couple all of London wants to know, but a sinister and unknown force invades their peace. 

Banished and forgotten on a barren volcanic planet, Veshlu turns his anger toward those he feels most responsible for his fate—Bensai and Asira—the favored gods. Finally freeing himself, he traverses the universe to Earth intent on destroying everything in his path, including the loving bond between Ben and Deborah. But he needs the perfect human vessel—Dr. Sean Truman—the handsome, mercurial volcanologist of international acclaim.

Asira's Reckoning is book two in the Asira Saga that began with Asira Awakens. The final book in the trilogy, Asira's Seed, is scheduled for release in 2019.