The Music In My Head

The Music In My Head...(part 1)

January 23, 2016

I love music! The right song can set, change or create a mood. When I got stuck with certain sequences in the stories, I'd think about the emotional space I was trying to capture. I'd scour my playlists or iTunes to find just the right song to fill and guide me. This could take days of just listening to music until I was ready to write again. Below is a short list of the songs that stood out the most for me in the first book:

Her Love and Regrets Primary Playlist:

  1. Breathless...Corrine Bailey Rae

  2. Mercy...Duffy

  3. Fallin...Alicia Keys

  4. Nothing Compares to You...Prince or Sinead O'Connor

  5. You Put A Move On My Heart...Quincy Jones (feat. Tamia)

  6. Would You Mind...Janet Jackson

  7. I Love Me Some Him...Toni Braxton

  8. My Immortal...Evanessence (Amy Lee)

  9. Un-Thinkable...Alicia Keys

  10. No Sleep...Janet Jackson