"So, ummm..."

It always tickles me when people ask "Are you into that?" The simple answer is a good writer takes time to research their subject...and I did. Once I shared my general concept, I was introduced to people who are BDSM practitioners. I listened to their stories and experiences. What I wanted more than anything else was to understand their emotional truths. What I found was a community of people (some 'out' some not) who were funny, brilliant, and confident working in a variety of professions. They were open and honest about their fetishes and kinks. While none of their specific stories have been used, I drew upon them to create the world of Janine and Michael. I also spent time talking to attorneys and others to make sure technical elements of the stories were also correct. It's just what you do...when you write.

I have written about many subjects over the years, from historic and period dramas to children's programming--I didn't have to "be into that" to do my job with passion, vigor and honesty.