Where Did You Get That?

I've been asked why I selected the items shown on the book covers. 

As you can imagine, each image reflects an important idea from the book. When Janine chooses to go further with Michael into BDSM play, the flogger is the device used. It is a standard device that can be purchased at a number of chain or specialty 'lovers' shops. But the photographer did something amazing. After reading the book, she was drawn to the idea of placing flowers within the tails to reflect that this is a love story-FIRST. The result is stunning.

Cufflinks clearly represent a man. When I started thinking about Michael's journey and the duality he must combat, I wanted a symbol that reflected all that he is. After considerable research, I discovered that among some BDSM practitioners, this 'triskele' subtly identifies them to one another. Necklaces, ornaments, charms, etc. are available on line or in specialty shops. But this particular item was purchased from an amazing vendor in Germany whose products are extremely well made compared to most US vendors. When I held them in my hand, I knew this was exactly what I needed.

Given the success with the cufflinks imagery, I reached out to the German vendor again and asked about distinctive submissive collars. Once again, he did not fail me. His selection of hand-crafted goodies was extraordinary! The "O" Collar was more beautiful than I could have imagined and it is custom-measured for the wearer. In the book I described what Janine wears, but left the specific details for a later draft until I was certain what it would look like...and how it would feel. 

As you read the books, I hope you think the choices made where as perfect as I did.