Black Kink

Once again, I'm intrigued by readers who were initially taken aback to discover the characters engaging in BDSM play in my 'love trilogy' are African American. It never occurred to them that black people participated in this kind of sexual exploration.

For the most part, they expressed a presumption that BDSM is a "white thing." Admittedly, I didn't flag the books as "African American." That was a deliberate choice because I do believe Michael and Janine's love story has universal appeal. But that choice has created a kind of marvelous discovery for readers (regardless of background or ethnicity) I couldn't have anticipated and frankly...I'm delighted.

So yes, there are lots of black people who engage in BDSM. In fact there are a number of organizations and groups out there that cater to them exclusively. The communities are close knit and I was fortunate that one let me in to examine their world and interactions. Several are open and welcome folks to come and learn about safe, sane and consensual play with them. Each group hosts conferences to learn about techniques and new toys. They have meet-ups, demonstrations and parties. There are networks of clubs around the country-some cities (especially majority black cities) have several of these clubs that are "play only" or "sex-friendly."

So there you have it. Black Kink is a real thing...a very real thing. Trust me!