Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

When I began this trilogy, it started as one book, one story. As I've shared many times, I had no intention of writing three books about the same characters. But Janine and Michael along with several other characters in their world demanded more from me. I created something that took on a life of its own and they wouldn't let me release them as easily as I thought I could. Admittedly, early readers expressed interest in knowing more about several of them. That encouragement spurred the development of new stories...and the trilogy was completed.

Why am I referencing this so far into this journey? I have been struck, absolutely delighted and humbled by overwhelmingly positive comments from reviewers. In addition to stressing that this is a character-driven tale (which it is), they have talked about how relatable each one is in many different ways. These are characters that we cheer for, ache for and want so much for. I couldn't be more pleased readers are connecting to them the way they are...and recommending the books to others. It is every writer's dream.

With all that said, I guess I'm still taken aback that the strength of this story seems to transcend the ethnicity of the characters. In all the reviews I've read on Amazon and Goodreads, only one ever discussed it. I think that's cool...and a part of me is grateful that the books are drawing such a diverse audience who view this as the love story I intended.

But it still makes me say hmmm...especially considering the events happening in the U.S.