Tell Me What You Want

Since beginning my fourth book "Darling Nikita" I've had the pleasure of using "Beta" readers for the first time. I write chapters, send them out to a people who've agreed to provide feedback on everything from typos, grammar and reaction to the story's arc and characters.

This is fascinating on a number of levels because it's happening in real time before the work is actually completed. Readers are making very clear what they want to happen with certain characters and how they feel about others. I know how I want this story to flow and each character's transformation-but must be open to what they are sharing without turning my work into a crowd sourced creation.

An interesting dynamic is taking place. But so far, it's making me think about novel writing in a completely different way. Based on reader sentiment, I've taken one character out of Nikita's memory and gave him a brief but important introduction into her present...we'll see what happens next...