Vengeance is Mine

You asked for it and I shall deliver! 

I've begun working on the continuing saga of Asira and Bensai- the main characters from my most successful book to date ASIRA AWAKENS. Admittedly, it wasn't my intent to turn this book into a trilogy- but I did leave the option open-deliberately. While the secret of Asira's identity is revealed in the book, I purposely left a few issues unresolved and new questions hanging in the balance without making readers crazy with cliffhangers.  The issues and questions will be answered in my forthcoming titles VESHLU'S VENGEANCE and ASIRA'S SEED.

In book two, Veshlu (the God of Fire/Volcanoes) returns and swears vengeance against Asira (God of Knowing) and Bensai (The Sun God)- the two beings he holds most responsible for his banishment. He is an angry, dark, conniving character with the kind of charm that will have you questioning your loyalties. I'm having a hard time not liking him myself. At the end of the day, Veshlu is a rebellious god who above all else wants power and redemption- and he will use whatever means at his disposal to get it.

In book three, Asira must fulfill the assignment she and Bensai were given- spreading their seed to restore balance to the universe. But the battles with Veshlu have left them all weary. She begins to question whether or not the battle is worth the price being paid by those she cares most about. She also questions why the burden falls to them when The Others equally have the capacity to fulfill The Supreme's mandate. 

All three books explore the sacred and profane, the meaning of balance and power and the limitations and expansiveness of love. So get ready... this one is being written on the stars! Both books will be released early 2018!!