A Many Splendid Thing

I've been thinking a lot lately about love... 

More than a chemical reaction triggered by hormones, visual or physical stimulation,,,

It is this thing, that becomes all consuming making us feel alive, anxious, unsteady, yet totally enraptured in bliss.

It is this thing making us dream and want in ways never imagined possible. 

It is this thing bringing us to the apex of joy or when it crumbles, the depths of despair.

Love is a many splendid thing. A precious gift.

It is trusting, yearning, safety, peace, comfort, joy, it is...divine.

Connecting with another person who embraces your contradictions, who wipes your tears and stands with you through all of life's trials, who soothes your aching heart and lifts you back up-that's love. It's easy to proclaim when everything is going well, when your body flushes at the sight of them.

But true love? It has no boundaries. It frees us, compliments all that we are and makes us better because it gives us hope... and destiny.