Playing with Gods

A fellow creative once shared that we work out our demons and dreams when we write. I have certainly rediscovered this truth in creating my latest work Asira Awakens. Stepping away from what readers have come to expect given my previous work, this one challenges me on several levels.

This is a story that mixes history, mythology and religion. Set against a contemporary backdrop, the main characters wrestle with the best in humanity and its worst. It explores our better angels, crimes against humanity and the demons that haunt us. Yet in this quagmire, two remarkable people discover love that manifests in unexpected ways.

Through this work, I have wrestled a few demons of my own around spiritual issues, the nature of the divine and my relationship to it. But I have also realized a dream and found a greater gift... because of my love for writing. This creative endeavor has brought me face to face with my truths, my dreams, and yes my demons... but it's their story... Ben's and Deborah's. 

Above all things, this book has reaffirmed my universal truth. Against all odds, disappointments and human shortcomings... love is redemptive. Love is the key.