Amusing the Muses...

The universe has a wicked sense of humor and wants what it wants. This is the second time I can honestly say that I've been driven to create work that I had no intention to write. ASIRA AWAKENS was never in my queue- until the idea for the book hit me like a bolt! I became obsessed, putting aside another work that I felt had greater power and purpose. And yet, that book poured out of me in ways difficult to describe. When ASIRA AWAKENS was finally complete and launched, it quickly became my best-selling work to date!

The outpouring of support from fans and others about that book has been wonderfully overwhelming. And like my my very first book HER LOVE AND REGRETS, readers began asking if there was 'more.' More? What the hell is that? I have another book I have to finish... the important one... the one I've been pondering for over a year... the one that makes me dig so deep into despair to get to hopefulness that I lose my breath... and they want 'more.'

And the Muses laugh... these bitches actually laugh! But they also guide because the Muses are insistent! Two new books that complete the ASIRA AWAKENS experience have been crafted in my head. I'm exhausted and invigorated just thinking about it as I work to bring it all to the page. And that other work? Well what do you know... that's there too... and it's going to be epic in its own right. How do I know? Because the Muses told me.