Asira's Reckoning Playlist!

What can I say? This playlist drives hard, then sweet then ethereal… just like the book and its characters. I hope you enjoy every minute!

The Asira’s Reckoning Playlist

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Every Little Thing She Does             Sting  

Atomic Man                                      Portugal:TheMan

White Light                                       George Michael

The Monster                                      Eminem

Know Your Enemy                            Green Day

Call Me When You’re Sober             Evanescence

Masana                                             Jan Kevyn Dee

Too Good At Goodbyes                   Sam Smith

What About                                      Janet Jackson

One Step Closer                                Linkin Park

Thieves in the Temple                       Prince

If I Ever Lose My Faith                      Sting

Killing in the Name Of                       RATM

Mad Word                                          Michael Andrews

Heroes                                                Peter Gabriel

The Day I Stop Loving You               Oleta Adams

If I Could                                            Regina Bell