Darling Nikita


"...Darling Nikita, like the others the author Chevelle Allen has penned, is so well written, crafted and intoxicating I really have no other option but to give this book 5 Stars...an amazing story, with unique, strong and sexy characters told in a way that only she can…" -Annabelle Johnson, BARNES AND NOBLE

"...Ms. Allen is unarguably a very gifted writer, but more than that she genuinely impressed me with her thorough world-building, interesting characters and inventiveness on many levels. All too often I read works that feel clearly derivative of other books (especially in erotica), and although I appreciate literary influences (as is felt here as well), when something this original comes along it is a refreshing change of pace from the norm!..." -Marcella Gonzales, INDIEBOOKSREVIEWERS.COM 

"... Darling Nikita is impressively complex and layered, with dramatic and realistic edge that makes you part of the whole experience... 5 STARS" -Steph Coleman, INDIE BOOK REVIEWERS

"... Ms. Allen actually tells a compelling and emotionally profound story of life, love, and loss… and has proven herself to be an author I can count on to deliver the hot and spicy scenes that titillates and excites the senses...5 STARS!"  -Darlene Cupp, GOODREADS


Nikita Jones is a witty, vibrant, self-assured and hard-working woman with a zest for life. In every sphere of her life, she loves hard and plays in unconventional ways. Nikita knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it.  She also knows what she likes being unapologetic even when others try to label her.

When tragedy strikes, her world begins to unravel leaving her far more broken than anyone could imagine. Struggling to rebuild, Nikita emerges stronger and along the way finds new love with someone who embraces all that she is without judgment. The problem is he may be too close for comfort.

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