Asira Awakens (Mythological/Paranormal Romance) July 2017

Nothing excites Deborah Brooks more than making new discoveries within the university's archives. There she finds letters, diaries, public records, and maps that tell stories of lives lived long ago. Responding to public queries is a regular feature of her job, but a visit from an intriguing  and sexy Englishmen named Ben Stewart shatters everything she thought she knew... about herself.

His utterance of one word- Awaken- triggers a flurry of vivid and unrelenting dreams. Deborah soon learns her dreams are very real. She's thrust into the epicenter of a cosmic war that has raged for millennia on a thousand different worlds. Can Ben save her or will he lead to her ultimate demise?

The Shadow of His Smile (Romance) 2018

"Black folk don't kill themselves!"  Dealing with the heartbreak of losing her husband to suicide, it pained Renee to hear this constant refrain from well-meaning friends and family. Reflecting on all they had together, she begins to question everything, believing somehow she could have done something to help him--that somehow she could have prevented it all. Her grief leads her on a spiraling emotional journey. How can she become whole and find happiness again?

Catch and Release (Thriller) late 2019

Nona's successful, witty and perfectly content with the life she leads. She's not interested in getting married and having children. She certainly doesn't believe in 'happily ever after.' Instead she feels empowered by her ability not only to seduce but to leave men wanting, playing a dangerous game with their emotions. The carnage she leaves behind begins to haunt her--and soon she becomes the prey.

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