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VESHLU'S VENGEANCE -Book 2 of the Asira Trilogy  (Paranormal/Multicultural Romance) Early 2018

Banished and forgotten from the Ruling Realm by The Supreme, Veshlu turns his anger towards those he feels most responsible- Bensai and Asira, the favored gods. Veshlu's rage restores and strengthens him, revealing powers to rival those of his enemies. Finally freeing himself from the barren, volcanic planet, he traverses the universe to Earth intent on destroying everything in his path including the love between Ben and Deborah Stewart.



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ASIRA'S SEED-Book 3 of the Asira Trilogy (Paranormal/Multicultural Romance)  Early 2018

The war wrought by Veshlu has left the Ruling Realm in chaos, the Earth scorched and millions dead, including her beloved Bensai. Vulnerable and unable to leave her human body because of the child she carries, Asira goes in search of allies to put an end to Veshlu's reign forever. But his legions are vast, ruthless and murderous- and they are all hunting her. With few places to hide, Asira must chart a new path to restore balance and peace not just upon the Earth, but throughout the known universe and the Ruling Realm. Her unborn child is the key to it all. The only problem is, she isn't sure if her seed was fathered by Bensai or Veshlu.

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Summer 2018

"Black folk don't kill themselves!"  Dealing with the heartbreak of losing her husband to suicide, it pained Kim to hear this constant refrain from well-meaning friends and family. Reflecting on she shared with Derek, her grief leads her on a spiraling emotional journey. She begins to question everything, believing somehow she could have done something to help him--that somehow she could have prevented it all. Shutting herself off from virtually everyone and everything, only one person can break through to her- her best friend Greg. Can she become whole and find love again?