Seven Whole Nights- A Naughty Novella

When Claire and Adam meet at a corporate holiday party, casual flirtation turns into much more than either imagines. Undeniable attraction and sexual energies prove difficult to contain as their one night stand leaves each aching for more. Consumed with thoughts of the other, Claire and Adam concoct new games to play, but their explorations grow more intense each subsequent night. Pushing each other into the abyss of their kinkiest desires, neither has experienced anything like it and yet neither can stop what's happening between them. When their nighttime antics creep into their daily lives, each is shaken and deeply unsettled. Is it really just harmless sex or an unhealthy obsession? What's certain is love has nothing to do with it... or does it?

 Seven Whole Nights is intended for adult readers. It contains explicit sexual content, including various elements and levels of BDSM play by consenting adults characters.