(Release Date July 11, 2017)

Leave it to Chevelle Allen to create another engrossing, sexy, dynamic, and totally “out of this world” story that kept me attached to my kindle for hours on end! I’ve lost track of how many of her books I’ve read now, but each seems to be better than the last, and believe me that’s a pretty high bar! This book was sexy, creative, and fast-paced... Allen not only writes well, she isn’t afraid to think outside the box and come up with some pretty outlandish scenarios, but the solid, consistent world-building makes even this highly fantastical story quite believable and definitely enjoyable. This book is a standalone, so there is no cliffhanger here and I loved the end. Highly recommend for mature readers of paranormal fantasy/erotica/romance (5 stars).”
-Nicola Flood - Barnes & Noble
It is so refreshing to read an author with some new ideas that are well-developed and intelligently presented... I quite enjoyed it and will be looking for more from Chevelle Allen soon. I’ve read several others of hers so far and they’ve all been delightful (4 stars). Steph Coleman - Goodreads
Asira Awakens by Chevelle Allen is a stunning work of creativity, passion, sensuality, and imagination. It stretches the boundaries for this type of fiction in new ways that really impressed me. I read paranormal romance all the time, but this one stood out to me as being exceptionally well written and feeling fresh and original. I finished it in three days which is practically a record for me because I’m a slow reader with not much time. But I couldn’t put it down! The scenes with Deborah and Ben were hot, hot, hot! And I can’t wait to read all her other books. They are on my TBR list now! (5 stars). Gillian Hancock— Indie Book Reviewers; Barnes & Noble

 Darling Nikita Reviews

I don’t give out 5 stars very often, but when I do it’s because the book was well-written, entertaining, thought-provoking. This book gets 4.5 stars (because of a few episodes of slow pacing) rounded up to 5. It kept me entertained through some really dark days and for that I’ll round up to the rare 5. I know what’s good. And I know that this book entertained me with a great story driven by good characters that I connected to, despite their overwhelming obstacles and odd situations... I read a great many things across all genres. This isn’t Proust or Joyce, but then again I don’t pick up Proust or Joyce at 4am to read by the fireplace to escape with. The narrative is tight and realistic (and funny!) And Nikita is a relatable heroine even though her sexual tastes are different from mine. I could relate to her as a mother who is trying to do the best for her child and balance a work/love life. And she endures such heartache! If you are at all in the mood for a book that is dramatic, emotional, and extremely sexy, but also thought-provoking entertainment written in a literary-quality narrative with unforgettable characters and an ending that leaves you with a big smile on your face, “Darling Nikita” is for you! Recommend for mature readers only. (5 stars) Karen Matthews– Goodreads
When I started reading “The Allen Trilogy” books by Chevelle Allen last year, I’d come back to reading erotica after a long hiatus (burned out by all the “50 shades wanna be’s!), and “Her Love and Regrets” (book 1) was the first book I picked up. I’ve since read the rest of that trilogy (loved it), and was eager to read her latest one, “Darling Nikita”. Although it is not part of the trilogy, there is a familiar world setting and some character crossover. To make a long story short, I liked the book to the point I had to choose between reading a couple of more pages and getting a little more sleep at night. I would not say it grabs you right away, but it kind of grows on you as the story unfolds… The main characters and interaction between them are well written and very interesting, and none of the major characters are boring or cliché or flat... which is one of the things that had turned me off on the genre for so long, just seemed like I was reading about the same characters just in different books. But here, these people are real enough to be relatable, but are sexy enough to keep you interested, and genuine enough to be believed... I highly recommend this book (and the author’s other series) as entertaining and engaging read that’s really different from much that is out there and saved me from my erotica reading slump! Adults only!! (4-5 stars) Eliza Brown– Barnes & Noble
What I really enjoy most about Chevelle Allen’s books, and what puts them above from many others in the erotica genre in my opinion is how she has a way of introducing such depth to her characters in ways that are not usually seen in erotica/ BDSM, at least what I’ve seen. They usually feel like representations of the standard clichés, and while there are familiar features here as well, maybe it’s their dialogue, or unpredictable actions, or ‘relatable’ storylines, (with family drama; ex’s; paternity issues; work issues; romantic issues, etc.) I’m not sure, but they never strike me as just being the type of ‘stock’ players that I’m accustomed to, and that is a good thing. Because without believable characters that you can get behind, you have nothing… all the authentic world-building and plot layout won’t save the story. Here, in fact when there were times where I felt the story lacked focus with too many tangents and open holes, and at times was too slow for my tastes… would have liked more heightened tension and conflict/consequences throughout, the characters (esp. Nikita) kept it together for me and made me want to continue on - because I believed in her and them. But still a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and while I’m a little disappointed that this isn’t another series (it definitely wraps up at the end with a happy conclusion), I do look forward to more from Chevelle Allen in the future. (5 stars) Carla Biggins– Indie Book Reviewers


  Lover's Trilogy Reviews

(Her Love and Regrets-Book I/ His Pleasure and Pain-Book II/ Their Now and Forever-Book III)    

I LOVE these books! I’ve been waiting for something that isn’t the standard bodice-ripping or hood love dreg! These books are smart and have characters I can relate to—even if their sex is kinky as hell! So glad I had a chance to read advance copies!
— Chris B, Literotica fan
Janine and Michael are something else! It took me a minute to get past the explicit descriptions but man oh man is it hot! What makes it even better? These people are so in love it hurts!
— Gloria W., RedHat Readers
The main characters are both really interesting and likable, and their chemistry together was explosive. I found the author’s writing style easy to read, the dialogue felt natural and the story flowed well...
This is an enjoyable book, with lots of emotion and passion. I would definitely read more from this author in the future. Her Love & Regrets receives four out of five stars.
— Julie Barrett, JJs Kinky Books Blog
I appreciate Chevelle so much! She actually took the time to interview and research real BDSM practitioners! She listened to us and created a story full of love, heart and soul. After reading that “other book,” I was thrilled to finally read something that captured our world respectfully, honestly and lovingly! I feel redeemed!
— aka KitKat, Detroit
This whole series by Chevelle Allen shows what a truly gifted writer can do with the constraints and conventions of the romance/erotica genre. This world feels well-written and entertaining! 5 Stars!
— Brenda M.-Goodreads Top Reviewer
The writing flowed really well, and I enjoyed getting to know Janine and Michael, and seeing how their relationship developed and how they struggled to overcome their troubles...If you enjoy erotic romance with a BDSM twist, I would definitely recommend this book. 4 out of 5 Stars!
— --Majanka, I Heart
...Allen is taking on taboo subjects and painting them in more accessible dramatic narratives for the modern palette...This trilogy is carnally delicious and engagingly disturbing reading...for the uninitiated. It’s also unusually ambitious and gutsy. The story of unbridled passion and lust is also achingly revealing in ways we often shy away from until the curtains are drawn...but we are All salaciously curious about just the same...I love it! What an accomplishment!
— Award Winning Playwright, David B, Chicago
I have to say that I loved this whole trilogy by Chevelle is beautifully written...Nothing here feels dumbed down or excessively contrived...these books are more intelligent than some of the modern and nonfictions I’ve read lately. 5-Stars!