What Readers Are Saying...

" Allen’s skill with story and prose will captivate readers looking for their next great erotic saga. (4.5 stars) --Sherrie Warner, Indie Book Reviewers

"This whole series by Chevelle Allen demonstrates what a truly gifted writer can do with the constraints and conventions of the romance/erotica genre. This world feels real, perhaps because, unlike most erotica writers, she focuses on the lives of seemingly ordinary people...caught up in extraordinary events and lifestyle that is different from the norm-but they aren't deviant or trashy-quite the opposite"--Brenda Maxwell, Goodreads

The Synopsis

After years of coming in and out of each other’s lives, Janine Powell and Michael Josey finally embrace their inevitable love. Building their lives while exploring their deepest sexual desires, they find the happiness that had been too elusive in times past. But secrets each holds begin to rupture their bliss.

A politically explosive and potentially damaging case has the power to destroy everything he’s built, including his new life with Janine. Meanwhile the one thing she wants most seems unlikely forcing them to question what they are prepared to lose to make their now, into forever.

Their Now and Forever is Book III of the Trilogy

(Contains Sexually Explicit Adult Content)

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